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What are the Best True Wireless Earphones / Headphones / Earbuds

In today’s fast pace and busy life, it’s getting tougher to read newspaper or listen to the radio etc., the only time we can tune on to the radio is while traveling. The best way to get connected to the world is
“through your ears”. I am sure you must be little puzzled reading the phase “The best way to get connected to the world is through your ears”, my motive was to make you all understand we generally don’t get time to read newspapers or watch news the only source of getting updated is either listening the news on radio or the current affairs on YouTube channel. Also in order to listen anything on phone we require earphones as listening on speaker generally make us look weird in front of others. We generally prefer earphones that are tangle free and could be freely used.

Perhaps to understand the benefits of wireless headphones it’s important to understand the term “wireless headphones”. Wireless earphones are headphones that are connected to a device, such as a smartphone, stere…

Acid Eye 15000 mAh power bank launched in India

India is all set to mount portable power technology with the launch of Acid Eye power bank with the supreme battery of 15000 mAh in India.Acid eye, one of the fastest growing online retailer and a one stop brand for all the tech lovers has launched exclusive range of power banks in India various colours to attract the buyers.
Acid Eye power bank has many features which makes it different from the rest of the lot. The most prominent feature is its solid and durable body with nine dynamic layers of protection. Computability is the most important and promising feature in Acid Eye power bank as it is computable with Bluetooth Headphones, Smartphone, WiFi Router, Keyboard, DSC,Mouse, BT speaker, Tablet. The properties of output over voltage protection, protection from output over current and protection from incorrect insertion enhance the characteristics and makes 15,000 mAh Acid Eye power bank a perfect match for a tech freak. Buy From Amazon :…

Acid Eye Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Mic Buy Online

Wireless earphones look like the ideal companion for your music player or smartphone, The Acid Eye wireless sports earphones are designed for comfort. These wireless earphones are incorporate the latest wireless earphone technology and design to ensure that the users will definitely get a remarkable experience. It will also guarantee that you will never beat a miss again.
Acid Eye waterproof wireless earphones come with Stylish anti-drop ear hooks, Noise canceling earphone and are water resistant.
Acid Eye wireless earphones with mic uses ergonomic silicone pieces that fit into your ears easily. Once you customize the size, you can do whatever you want without worrying about them falling out. If you are really concerned about losing them, try this Acid eye waterproof wireless earphones it is got an ear hook, and I used this wireless earphone that it won’t fall out. It is also very light compared to others brands. It is made from high quality and is durable against sweat, rain, and dus…

Acid Eye Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Online

For all the audiophiles and music lovers out there, a Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a must have. It is just the perfect way to listen to audio files while you are on the go. The best part about Acid Eye wireless Bluetooth speakers is that they do not require any wired conditions to play music. They can easily connect via Bluetooth with the audio device like a smartphone or a laptop and they would be good to go.

These Acid Eye Wireless bluetooth speakers come in handy especially for people who do not like dealing wired speakers and wires that cause a mess in the house . These Acid Eye Wireless Portable Bluetooth speakers are easy to set up and can be used anywhere.

One of the main benefits of Acid Eye using wireless portable Bluetooth speakers is that they can be used where there is no electricity at all. Most people using these wireless speakers while on a picnic, the beach, or even in the travelling .These speakers run on rechargeable batteries that can power the speakers for severa…