What are the best in-ear Bluetooth Headsets?

Bluetooth headsets have significantly advanced in recent years. They sound better, last longer, look different and are more portable than ever before. From truly wireless headsets to around-the-neck in-ears Bluetooth headsets, the market is getting more and fuller, but unfortunately, they aren’t all created equally. In-ears are compact but not for everyone.

 Some will find them comfortable some not, especially with longer listening sessions.  In-ear Bluetooth headsets is a kind of decent option for most and have an in-ear fit stable enough for the gym and sufficiently isolating for commuting or the office. A bad Bluetooth device will ruin even the most important chat session. That's why it's important to select the right in-ear Bluetooth headset, and this guide is here to help.

Bluetooth headset helps in building a connection to the user’s cell phone via Bluetooth. Wireless Bluetooth earphones help in providing hands-free solutions for mobile communications by delivering supe…

Can you use your phone while charging it with power bank?

In today's world of modern technologies, it's absolutely necessary to have a good quality
smartphone. Be it anything from the online transaction of money to sharing your friends a
message on WhatsApp the usage of smartphones is undeniable but what happens when you
have forgotten to charge your mobile phone?
You are doomed to go to your job with a low charge mobile and it gets even trickier if you are a
person who travels a lot for your work. This is the point where ACID EYE portable power
banks come to the rescue. They have a wide range of portable power bank chargers available
on the website that can help you to charge your mobile phone without sitting near a power
source for hours. They have a big variety of options from a 5200 mAh power bank (it can
charge a normal smartphone two times) to 20000 mAh Power Bank (it is capable of charging a smartphone for 7 for 8 times).

There is a common misconception among the people using the mobile phones while charging it
with power ban…

Where do i buy a bluetooth speaker ?

The Bluetooth speaker could be either available in your nearby electronic showroom or any online shopping website. The call of choosing from where you wish to buy the speaker is entirely your.

I am a working lady and spends almost 9.5 hour in office, at times more than that. I generally get some leisure time in weekends but unfortunately I stay far from my family. Starting from dusting to washing cloths all my work is done on weekends. It gets tough for me to go to my local shop to buy any stuff and prefer ordering groceries and vegetables through online. Hence, for me buying Bluetooth speaker online is the best option. But, if you are a person who likes to see and test the things before buying then certainly the best option is buying from your nearby electronic showroom. Recently I was planning to host a house warming party; everything was available except for the speakers. I decided to buy a Bluetooth speaker.

The only web portal whom I can blindly trust is I have bought…

Which is the best Bluetooth earphones with mic under 2000 in India

The Bluetooth earphones made a revolution in the way we used our earphones. After the introduction of Bluetooth earphones there was no need for plugging-in the headphones to our smartphones, there was no need for those long wires that often gets stuck around our surroundings and get damaged. People also feel that the Bluetooth earphones were kind of cooler than the normal wired earphones due to their new design. With development in technology the quality and connectivity of the Bluetooth devices also increased which resulted in a long and stable transmission distance. People find it hard to find a good product at a affordable price with all the latest features in it, since there are a lot of fake products available on the market these days, so we decided to help people by find the best Bluetooth earphones with mic under Rs 2000 that available in India. We compared all the products of the latest top branded Bluetooth earphones manufacturers in India.
ACID EYE LH-MOON leads the race by ha…

Top 10 Bluetooth Earphones in India under 2000

Music has always been a source we lean on whenever we feel certain things. Technology has made it easy for us to be close to music with the invention of earphones. You can wear them whenever you want. Wired earphones are very comfortable but they are not suited for certain purposes. You have an option to buy a pair of bluetooth earphones if you are interested in listening to music while you work out or do sports. They are pretty expensive because they do a lot compared to the wired ones. Here are the top 10 bluetooth Earphones available in India under Rs. 2000 which might help you find the right fit for you, Acid eye S-7The performance of these earphones are remarkable considering the Rs. 2000 cost. With Bluetooth 4.1 technology and TaoTonics TT-BH07U, it offers you to enjoy your favourite beats comfortably. It is sweat proof and comes with CVC 6.0 Noise Cancellation Technology. Buy From Amazon :
Acid eye KB-900I

How many times can 10000 mAh Power Bank charge a phone?

The portable power banks are one of the life-changing technologies that have been invented in the 21st century. ACID EYE INDIA one of the prime sellers in the latest electronic products have a wide range of power banks selling online on their website. Their products give us the power to charge our smartphones anywhere anytime without the need for a power outlet. So now this narrows down to the question of how many times can I charge my smartphone with a power bank? Well, technically the answer depends upon the size of your mobile phone's battery, the size of your power bank's battery and the power conversion rate. So what is power conversion rate? It based upon the basic electrical laws that whenever power or energy is transferred there is always some loss in power due to the resistance. The industrial standards for conversation rate are 80% to 90%. So the unorthodox formula is battery capacity of the power bank*conversion rate/battery capacity of the smartphone,for calculatio…

Which is the best power bank to buy in India 2018 ?

Power banks are becoming popular in India these days and there are several choices available in the market depends upon Capacity, Type of battery, Number of ports, Safety features and also current.

The best power bank to buy in India 2018 are:

1. Acid Eye Universal Charging 13000 mAH Power Bank.

2. Acid Eye Universal Charging 15000 mAH Power Bank.

These power banks are compatible for most of the electronic devices such as smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, Wi-Fi routers, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, Tables and Bluetooth headphones.

Acid Eye Universal Charging 13000 mAH Power Bank.

This is one of the most popular power banks among the customers which have a great style of build with a durable body which s has LED indicators and it comes in a standard white with blue colour. The key feature of this power bank is that its warranty and 9 protection guard such as temperature resistance, output overcurrent and overvoltage protection and also protection from incorrect insertion, short ci…