How many times can 10000 mAh Power Bank charge a phone?

The portable power banks are one of the life-changing technologies that have been invented in the 21st century. ACID EYE INDIA one of the prime sellers in the latest electronic products have a wide range of power banks selling online on their website. Their products give us the power to charge our smartphones anywhere anytime without the need for a power outlet. So now this narrows down to the question of how many times can I charge my smartphone with a power bank? Well, technically the answer depends upon the size of your mobile phone's battery, the size of your power bank's battery and the power conversion rate. So what is power conversion rate? It based upon the basic electrical laws that whenever power or energy is transferred there is always some loss in power due to the resistance. The industrial standards for conversation rate are 80% to 90%. So the unorthodox formula is battery capacity of the power bank*conversion rate/battery capacity of the smartphone, for calculation sake let's assume that you're using a top model mobile phone which has a 2900 mAh Li-Ion battery and the capacity of your power bank is 10000 mAh , so the calculation is as follows 10000*85%/2900 which is ~3 but this doesn't totally mean that the power bank can your phone 3 times because there are a lot of other factors that have to consider. Some of the factors are 
  • The condition and usage of the device when it’s being charged
  • The type of battery being used
  • The type of printed circuit board used
Not many of the products satisfy the above-mentioned conditions but ACID EYE INDIA manufactures quality power banks that satisfies all the above factors. They use Lithium-ion batteries which will provide the user with a long-lasting battery life. They provide their power banks with an advanced chipset with built quality which will improve the rate of charging. Due to these factors the ACOD EYE INDIA power banks helps their customers in achieving the maximum output from their product. The  ergonomics of their products are  very good, they have a double output USB port charging and the whole power bank compactly fits into our bag. You can order their product via Online and WhatsApp. They have a good return, refund and cancellation policy, if in case you're are not satisfied with the product (which is less likely to happen) and with all the above features the customers will also get a domestic warranty of 1 year.

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