Top 10 Bluetooth Earphones in India under 2000

Music has always been a source we lean on whenever we feel certain things. Technology has made it easy for us to be close to music with the invention of earphones. You can wear them whenever you want. Wired earphones are very comfortable but they are not suited for certain purposes. You have an option to buy a pair of bluetooth earphones if you are interested in listening to music while you work out or do sports. They are pretty expensive because they do a lot compared to the wired ones. Here are the top 10 bluetooth Earphones available in India under Rs. 2000 which might help you find the right fit for you,
  1. Acid eye S-7
The performance of these earphones are remarkable considering the Rs. 2000 cost. With Bluetooth 4.1 technology and TaoTonics TT-BH07U, it offers you to enjoy your favourite beats comfortably. It is sweat proof and comes with CVC 6.0 Noise Cancellation Technology. Buy From Amazon :

  1. Acid eye KB-900I
Android and iOS devices can be connected to these earphones because of APP remote Operation involved in the design. Buying a comfortable pair of earphones which look catchy with volume level controls and microphone for Rs. 2000 is a good investment. CVC 6.0 Fidelity Noise reduction and Bluetooth 4.1 technologies are added assets for the better performance of this device. 
  1. Boat Rockerz 250
Quadcomm aptX built in the wireless Bluetooth device makes sure your earphones deliver high definition audio. The IPX rating of this device is 7 which means that it is waterproof and better to be used even during sweaty workouts. When fully charged, it can hold up to 6 hours. You can buy these earphones for Rs. 1500, which is cheaper compared to high-end brands. 
Drawback - The quality of the device is not up to par.
  1. Zakk Air
The 100mAh powered rechargeable lithium battery included in the device setup makes you use the it for 7 hours straight. Bluetooth 4.1 technology has been implemented in the design for better performance. ActiveX Sound chipset streams high-quality music. At the cost of Rs. 1699 you get a pair which can deliver decent bass and treble. 
Drawback - The drawback of this device is that there is no Noise Cancellation Technology.
  1. Chkokko Mercury M2
These are a sweat proof pair of earphones with a IPX rating 5 along with CVC noise cancellation technology. You can listen to HD music for a period of 7 hours at the cost of Rs. 1999. You can also find a microphone to pick up calls and to control volume levels. 
Drawback -The earphones wear off shortly after a few months which shows that the quality is bad.
  1. SoundPEATS QY7 Mini
Music playback for over 5 hours and an IPX 4 rated sweat resistance capability are the notable assets of these earphones. The quality of the music is quite impressive and there is a button which allows you to attend calls. 
Drawback - The IPX rating is quite low in comparison to its competitors and considering the Rs. 1910 price.
  1. TAGG 07 Sports
These earphones are IPX 4 rated which means they are Splashproof and they weigh less. 5 hours of music playback is quite remarkable. High definition music and noise cancellation features are notable for Rs. 1990. 
Drawback - Music playback time is less and the IPX rating is low which makes it not suitable for sweaty workouts.
  1. Energy Sistem Sport 1
At the price of Rs. 1699, these earphones can hold up to 8 hours. Controls for volume levels and button to answer calls are added features. The are available in three colors. 
Drawback - Noise Cancellation Technology is absent and the range of the Bluetooth is lesser for connection.
  1. SoundLogic Stayfit Pro 
These earphones are compatible with mobile phones, laptops, audio players and tablet. They go around your neck and they deliver high-quality music. You will have to pay Rs. 1699 and it is worth it. The quality of the wire which goes around your neck is not the best. 
Drawback - The connectivity of this device shows to be poor. 
  1. SCORIA M9
These earphones come with a microphone and have noise cancellation feature for Rs. 999. They are compatible with mobile phones and tablets.
Drawback -  For the money you pay, you can manage to use these earphones for a few months.
Finding an affordable pair of bluetooth earphones is quite difficult. With the above-mentioned suggestions, you, now, have an idea of what are the best ones available in the market. 


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