Which is the best Bluetooth earphones with mic under 2000 in India

The Bluetooth earphones made a revolution in the way we used our earphones. After the introduction of Bluetooth earphones there was no need for plugging-in the headphones to our smartphones, there was no need for those long wires that often gets stuck around our surroundings and get damaged. People also feel that the Bluetooth earphones were kind of cooler than the normal wired earphones due to their new design. 
With development in technology the quality and connectivity of the Bluetooth devices also increased which resulted in a long and stable transmission distance. People find it hard to find a good product at a affordable price with all the latest features in it, since there are a lot of fake products available on the market these days, so we decided to help people by find the best Bluetooth earphones with mic under Rs 2000 that available in India. We compared all the products of the latest top branded Bluetooth earphones manufacturers in India.

ACID EYE LH-MOON leads the race by having all latest features that are available on the international market at an affordable price. The package didn't include any additional items in it. So first let's us discuss about the aesthetics of the product, the product is made up of plastic material yet it has a very rich touch and feel, the buttons present on the earphones are very durable. 
The whole earphones weight only around 23 grams on total, due to this the user will not be  having any trouble in wearing the earphones. The LH-MOON comes with a Bluetooth version of 4.0 which is one of the latest version that is available in the market. The device was connectable with all the Bluetooth devices we checked ( media player, tablet, smartphones, laptops and computer ).
The range of operation was 10 meters after which there was a signal loss between the host device and Earphones, but most of the devices which we compared never had connection with host after 8 meters, so it's very good. 
The Earphones have an build in microphone for answering calls and there is a single button present on the right side of the earphones which helps in answering the calls with ease on a single touch. The answer button responded properly while it was  connected to both Android and iOS smartphones. 
The standby time of the device was 65 hours, the talk time was 4 hours. The charge time specified by the company is 2.5 hours. 
The cost factor is one of the biggest advantage of ACID EYE INDIA’s LH-MOON, it has all the features that is required for a prime Bluetooth earphones and it's labelled as Rs 1399. Though the original price of product was Rs 2299 it has been discounted to Rs 1399. 
After giving all these features to a product at a very affordable rate the company is also providing it's customers with an one year warranty. After taking all these facts into account we had no chance but to announce that ACID EYE INDIA’s LH-MOON as the best Bluetooth earphones with mic under Rs 2000 in India. 
Buy From Website : https://www.acideyeindia.com/product/moon-01/

Buy From Amazon : https://www.amazon.in/LH-MOON-wireless-Bluetooth-Headphone-Neckband/dp/B071CPNXBP


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