Can you use your phone while charging it with power bank?

In today's world of modern technologies, it's absolutely necessary to have a good quality
smartphone. Be it anything from the online transaction of money to sharing your friends a
message on WhatsApp the usage of smartphones is undeniable but what happens when you
have forgotten to charge your mobile phone?
You are doomed to go to your job with a low charge mobile and it gets even trickier if you are a
person who travels a lot for your work. This is the point where ACID EYE portable power
banks come to the rescue. They have a wide range of portable power bank chargers available
on the website that can help you to charge your mobile phone without sitting near a power
source for hours. They have a big variety of options from a 5200 mAh power bank (it can
charge a normal smartphone two times) to 20000 mAh Power Bank (it is capable of charging a smartphone for 7 for 8 times).

There is a common misconception among the people using the mobile phones while charging it
with power bank might damage the mobile phone. There are some forward messages that are
circulated on the internet saying that people have died of using their smartphones while
charging. But is it true? Scientifically the answer is NO since power banks are nothing but USB
batteries and all the USB devices use 5 volts so you'll be fine to use your mobile phones while
charging. So what about those online forwarded messages that we receive and the news that is
telecasted on television now and then? Are they all rumors? The answer for this is YES it can
happen sometimes and they are partially true, but the point to note here is that they might
have used a cheap quality power bank which might have resulted in a blow. But all the power
banks from ACID EYE have 9 different types of protections offered from Temperature
Resistance to Over Discharge.
I highly recommended that you use ACID EYE power banks which are not only safe but also
affordable since using a cheap quality power bank can damage your phone. In the end, you can
use your smartphone while charging it with a power bank but it should be a good quality power
bank that you can rely on and that power bank is one of ACID EYE is  offered wide varieties.


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