Which is the best Bluetooth earphones with mic under 2000 in India

The Bluetooth earphones made a revolution in the way we used our earphones. After the introduction of Bluetooth earphones there was no need for plugging-in the headphones to our smartphones, there was no need for those long wires that often gets stuck around our surroundings and get damaged. People also feel that the Bluetooth earphones were kind of cooler than the normal wired earphones due to their new design. With development in technology the quality and connectivity of the Bluetooth devices also increased which resulted in a long and stable transmission distance. People find it hard to find a good product at a affordable price with all the latest features in it, since there are a lot of fake products available on the market these days, so we decided to help people by find the best Bluetooth earphones with mic under Rs 2000 that available in India. We compared all the products of the latest top branded Bluetooth earphones manufacturers in India.
ACID EYE LH-MOON leads the race by ha…

Top 10 Bluetooth Earphones in India under 2000

Music has always been a source we lean on whenever we feel certain things. Technology has made it easy for us to be close to music with the invention of earphones. You can wear them whenever you want. Wired earphones are very comfortable but they are not suited for certain purposes. You have an option to buy a pair of bluetooth earphones if you are interested in listening to music while you work out or do sports. They are pretty expensive because they do a lot compared to the wired ones. Here are the top 10 bluetooth Earphones available in India under Rs. 2000 which might help you find the right fit for you, Acid eye S-7The performance of these earphones are remarkable considering the Rs. 2000 cost. With Bluetooth 4.1 technology and TaoTonics TT-BH07U, it offers you to enjoy your favourite beats comfortably. It is sweat proof and comes with CVC 6.0 Noise Cancellation Technology. Buy From Amazon :
Acid eye KB-900I

How many times can 10000 mAh Power Bank charge a phone?

The portable power banks are one of the life-changing technologies that have been invented in the 21st century. ACID EYE INDIA one of the prime sellers in the latest electronic products have a wide range of power banks selling online on their website. Their products give us the power to charge our smartphones anywhere anytime without the need for a power outlet. So now this narrows down to the question of how many times can I charge my smartphone with a power bank? Well, technically the answer depends upon the size of your mobile phone's battery, the size of your power bank's battery and the power conversion rate. So what is power conversion rate? It based upon the basic electrical laws that whenever power or energy is transferred there is always some loss in power due to the resistance. The industrial standards for conversation rate are 80% to 90%. So the unorthodox formula is battery capacity of the power bank*conversion rate/battery capacity of the smartphone,for calculatio…

Which is the best power bank to buy in India 2018 ?

Power banks are becoming popular in India these days and there are several choices available in the market depends upon Capacity, Type of battery, Number of ports, Safety features and also current.

The best power bank to buy in India 2018 are:

1. Acid Eye Universal Charging 13000 mAH Power Bank.

2. Acid Eye Universal Charging 15000 mAH Power Bank.

These power banks are compatible for most of the electronic devices such as smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, Wi-Fi routers, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, Tables and Bluetooth headphones.

Acid Eye Universal Charging 13000 mAH Power Bank.

This is one of the most popular power banks among the customers which have a great style of build with a durable body which s has LED indicators and it comes in a standard white with blue colour. The key feature of this power bank is that its warranty and 9 protection guard such as temperature resistance, output overcurrent and overvoltage protection and also protection from incorrect insertion, short ci…

What is the best brand in power banks for smartphones?

Technology developed a lot due to advancement of Science. The likes of Smartphones, iPad, Computer and many more things are spreading rapidly. Having a smartphone is necessary as if. You cannot deny that smartphone is not an integral part of our life.

We use it for many purposes, be it for entertainment or for as a medium of communication. We all want that our phone never suffers from low charge but It sounds good only in imagination. A smartphone consumes lots of power due to the multiple works done by us. We cannot look for plug and charge it when the charge is low.

While we are on serious work, the device shows low charge. It happens several times with us. This is the only reason why power banks was invented and It is being used rapidly. You can charge the power bank when you are free and then use it properly. Never be afraid of Its price. It costs a lot when you buy from the nearest shop but if you buy it from online websites then you have to pay less bucks. There are lots of bra…

What are the Best True Wireless Earphones / Headphones / Earbuds

In today’s fast pace and busy life, it’s getting tougher to read newspaper or listen to the radio etc., the only time we can tune on to the radio is while traveling. The best way to get connected to the world is
“through your ears”. I am sure you must be little puzzled reading the phase “The best way to get connected to the world is through your ears”, my motive was to make you all understand we generally don’t get time to read newspapers or watch news the only source of getting updated is either listening the news on radio or the current affairs on YouTube channel. Also in order to listen anything on phone we require earphones as listening on speaker generally make us look weird in front of others. We generally prefer earphones that are tangle free and could be freely used.

Perhaps to understand the benefits of wireless headphones it’s important to understand the term “wireless headphones”. Wireless earphones are headphones that are connected to a device, such as a smartphone, stere…

Acid Eye 15000 mAh power bank launched in India

India is all set to mount portable power technology with the launch of Acid Eye power bank with the supreme battery of 15000 mAh in India.Acid eye, one of the fastest growing online retailer and a one stop brand for all the tech lovers has launched exclusive range of power banks in India various colours to attract the buyers.
Acid Eye power bank has many features which makes it different from the rest of the lot. The most prominent feature is its solid and durable body with nine dynamic layers of protection. Computability is the most important and promising feature in Acid Eye power bank as it is computable with Bluetooth Headphones, Smartphone, WiFi Router, Keyboard, DSC,Mouse, BT speaker, Tablet. The properties of output over voltage protection, protection from output over current and protection from incorrect insertion enhance the characteristics and makes 15,000 mAh Acid Eye power bank a perfect match for a tech freak. Buy From Amazon :…